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Voice German is the most renowned school for learning German worldwide. Whenever you do a course at Voice German, your German is guaranteed to improve quickly. You have no time to attend classes in person? No problem. Here you can register for Voice German amazing online course. It is perfect for learners levels A1 to C1 and includes free material and free private sessions with your online tutor.

How it works:

1. Determine your start date and learning times.

2. Get support from a personal tutor.

3. Use an interactive learning program.

4. Practice your German during online sessions.

Why we should go for German Language Courses?

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Why Learn German?

A. Increase 100% Selection possibility in placement for Student and professionals.

B. German is the third most commonly taught foreign language worldwide.

C. Today German is spoken by more than 100 million people worldwide.

D. It is spoken in Germany, Austria, a large part of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the South Tyrol region of Italy, Poland, parts of Belgium, parts of Romania and the Alsace region of France. Several former German colonies, such as Namibia, also have remaining pockets of German speakers.

E. World’s most preferred CAR manufacture and Technical companies are from Germany and having vast demand of German Experts.

F. Most of Germany’s universities providing free Education.

G. Germany is the largest economy in European Union and third largest in World.

H. World’s leading exporter of Mechanical and Chemical Products.

I. Europe’s No. 1 Patents holder.

Online Voice German Courses


Duration 45-60 Hours

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Duration 90-105 Hours

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Duration 135-150 Hours

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Duration 180-195 Hours

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Duration 225-240 Hours

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Duration 270-285 Hours

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Kindly pay attention, for Indian buyers we have separate quotation, Indian users to get Rates please get us on email ID: voicegerman@gmail.com

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